Museo Moderno
Aguirre Carlos
Cielo Tierra, 2023, Direct carving in banana wood, 210x35x30 cm

Carlos Aguirre (born 1981, Arroyo Seco, Santa Fe) produces, homologating the alchemist in his craft, transmuting matter and returning to the marginal its lost place. An amalgamation of paintings and objects, born from collage and assemblage, denote his deep interest in form and its value. In this experimentation, papers, paintings, woods, metals, marbles, and threads are juxtaposed and transmuted, giving birth to one piece in his action. Veiled in material mystery, his mixed compositions seem to grant the ability to the oxymoron to peacefully and playfully inhabit contradiction. Like a resonating box, Carlos Aguirre gathers material, contextual, and spatial conditions that resonate in his work to produce in their interstice the magic of alchemy. In the constant and resounding counterpoint of low and high elements, rudimentary and exalted, polished and rough, tactile and visual, he accumulates fragments in whose essence he finds the power of transformation. But, as indicated by the law of equivalent exchange, to create, something of equal value must be given in return. And that’s where temporality appears in his work, in providing matter with its own time.